JeanPolly 2019Hi, I'm Jean Armour Polly, also known as Net-mom®. Yes, Net-mom is a registered trademark.IKYP cover

In its heyday this site was a popular website for kids, parents, and educators, though now it serves as an archive about some of my past projects and as a personal homepage.

Jean Armour Polly is internationally known for her early 1990s contributions welcoming nontechnical users to the Internet and helping them take their first network “baby steps.” She is truly one of the first “Mothers of the Internet” and was inducted into the 2019 class of the Internet Society's Internet Hall of Fame .

A popular and sought-after voice evangelizing use of the nascent Internet, she helped foster new online communities in settings as diverse as public libraries, k-12 schools, and Indian Nations.

As connectivity grew, search engines were emerging, but trustworthy and good content, especially for children, was difficult to find. Polly, a professional librarian, soon focused on hunting and gathering networked resources, and under her brand as Net-mom® she helped families and educators learn to find and safely use the Internet’s best sites.

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