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Jackson Pollack

Go ahead and drag your mouse and see what happens! Click to change colors. Tip: spacebar will clear the screen.

Mix and Match

Just click to change the front, back, and middle of the funny animals.


This site might be for slightly older kids, but there's enough of "just click anywhere" here that I thought I'd list it. It's colorful and has a lot of sounds, too.

In the Night Garden

Click on "Visit the Night Garden" to start the adventure. Remember to click the secret white flowers in each area to start a special animation or other surprise!

Pocoyo Games

I loved these sweet little dancing animals, matching games, and the amazing camera zoom. Click on the ball to play

Baby's Big Helper

Go, baby, go! Find something that belongs at the beach...a a bathtub...and more!


Press the keys and see what happens as you explore a train, play a colorful xylophone, and have a fun game of peek-a-boo with some friendly animals.

Fisher-Price Infant Games

Peek-a-boo animals surprise babies as they hit any key or spacebar in the "zone."

Curious Kitten

Here's a sweet interactive kitten-- can you make her purr?

Goldfish Game

This happy little goldfish will follow your mouse's every move!

Miss Mouse

Where is Miss Mouse? She's gone into one of these colorful houses, but which one? Let's try the orange house. Oops, there's a fire truck in there. How about the green house? Nope, just an old shoe. Keep clicking until you find her. Every game is different.

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