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Interactive Independence Day

Fireworks Just for You
Got Java? Let the page load all the way then click your mouse anywhere and enjoy!

A Capitol Fourth! Interactive Fireworks Display
Select your fireworks, choose your music, and enjoy!  There's also a fascinating history of Fourth of July celebrations. Shockwave Flash. (All ages.)

Sing Along Midis and Lyrics
A little hazy on the words to "This Land is my Land" and additional verses to "America the Beautiful"? Find complete lyrics (and histories to some of the songs) at this site. Sing along to these songs and many other patriotic tunes. You can also print a U.S. flag for display! (All ages.)

Fireworks Safety
The United Kingdom's Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform offers a virtual sparkler to play with as you learn about fireworks safety. (5+)

Enchanted Learning Fireworks
Get out the black construction paper, glitter, and glue! Sure, it's messy, but the resulting fireworks displays will last forever!  (5+)

Fourth of July Activity Book
Print this patriotic activity and coloring book and test your knowledge of state capitals and U.S. Presidents. (8+)

DTLK's 4th of July Crafts
Coloring pages and printables like a Fold-out Firecracker greeting card (look in

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