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The Reindeer Orchestra

Honk the reindeer's noses to play musical notes. Babies can watch as you play carols (the computer will prompt you), and if they want to try it themselves, they will just like the cause and effect!

Alfie's North Pole Adventure

Alfie the Elf just has to find Santa's hat. Wait 'til you see what happens next. You'll have to solve a few puzzles along the way, so play in a group if you have younger kids. (Hint: follow the numbers!)

The True Meaning of Christmas

Santa himself explains the religious meanings of Christmas symbols like trees, stars, wreaths, and more.

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

Kids love this here at Fudd Hollow Farm. It's just raw oatmeal, colored sugar crystals, and some imagination! If you don't have an empty jar to layer the ingedients like sand art, just use a plastic snack bag.

Christmas Pairs

There are 24 different pairs to match up, including ornaments, trees, and other Christmas-themed items. The sheer number of pairs to match may be daunting for smaller searchers. This type of game is sometimes known as "Concentration" or even "Pelmanism." If you get them all you'll get a surprise!

Interactive Christmas Cards

Interactive Christmas Cards

Visit the North Pole, where you can see Santa disco dance! Check out the heirloom recipes in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen and the sweet stories in the Reindeer Barn. (8+)

Noel Noel Noel

Fill your ears with Christmas music! Click on "Music" to find sheet music to print (even big note music for beginners) as well as musical scores. There is a whole sleigh-full of information about Christmas traditions, recipes (some contain alcohol), crafts, and really fun games, too. They are in the "Family Fun" section. (6+)

NORAD Tracks Santa

Every Christmas Eve, the good folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command track Santa on their radar systems. At their Website, you can find out the technical details of how they accomplish this feat (it involves the infrared signal given off by Rudolph's nose). Is Santa near your house? You won't be able to find out until Christmas Eve when the tracking goes live, but until then you can watch video from last year Don't forget to come back Christmas Eve; you might catch Santa on a fighter jet's Santa Cam! (6+)

Christmas Crafts from Enchanted Learning

Make a paper plate snowman, a pinecone Christmas tree, and many more easy decorations. (8+)

Northumberland Christmas

Arrange a virtual Nativity scene, peek into Advent calendar windows, and decorate a tree or construct a melt-proof snowman! There's also an outstanding 2005 Advent calendar that will teach you how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and don't miss the many faces of Santa around the world. (6+)

Santa Claus Finland

Would you like to see Santa's house right now? There's a webcam at the North Pole and it's on this site! There are wonderful stories of elves, reindeer, and life above the Arctic Circle. Checkout the Play Corner for printables like paper sculptures and coloring pages. There are also instructions for making an ice lamp.
Santa Claus Finland

And while you are here, don't miss these road cams in Finland-- maybe you'll see Santa going to work!

Kidzone Finland

Open the doors of the interactive Advent calendar to get a sneak peek at what Santa's up to as he prepares for his Christmas Eve trip. You'll also get suggested crafts and other activities along the way. Be careful--you can't open a door early, before that door's date arrives.

DTLK's Christmas Crafts for Kids

Fun Christmas decoration and present ideas for kids to make and display, or give to others. (5+)

Crayola Christmas Crafts

Families can choose from a colorful selection of holiday crafts, such as a handprint wreath, a paper angel, and a Christmas tree garland. There are also coloring pages and printable games to try while you're waiting to hear the reindeer on the rooftop.

Home Sweet Home

Decorate this online gingerbread house! All that is missing is the delicious smell!


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