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Memorable Memorial Days

When I was a kid I loved to go to the Memorial Day parade in my town. It wasn't a very big parade. The high school marching band, the mayor in a big convertible car with the top down, a platoon of American Legion members... my favorite part though was that we kids would all decorate our bicycles with crepe paper woven through the spokes. We did variations on the theme of red, white, and blue. We hung streamers of crepe paper from our handlebars. Some of the bigger kids knew how to attach a stiff playing card to the bike so that as the spokes went around, you'd hear a "firecracker sound." This web site gives some information on how to do this, and here's another, with a picture.
The Veteran's Administration has a nice k-5 kids' page with a parade of games and activities plus flag etiquette and more. For info on the history of Memorial Day, try this comprehensive Veteran's Administration page. You'll also learn why poppies are associated with this day, plus learn how to properly fold a flag.

Billy Bear's On Holiday

Billy Bear offers special sites for more than ten fun holidays. Each one has games, activities, and facts about the holiday that may be new to you.


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