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Torah Tots

Spin a virtual dreidel, make a Star of David window ornament, and play online jigsaw puzzles (they are tricky!) There's also an introduction to the Hanukkah story and detailed menorah-lighting instructions, taking into account the Shabbat candles. (8+)

Hanukkah Crafts for Kids-Enchanted Learning

Templates to help you make your own paper gift box as well as a dreidel for a fun, traditional game of chance. There's also a downloadable activity book with mazes, coloring, and connect-the-dots puzzles. (8+)


The "DreiDells" don't know how to spin. Hanukat won't give them a clue, how will they solve the mystery? Activities, stories, recipes, and more. (6+)

Hanukkah Games From ZigZag, Inc.

Click and drag to furnish a "Hanukkah House" (even if you can't read Hebrew!) and build an online menorah. (6+)


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