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Santa's Toy Workshop

It seems simple: sort the toys as they come down the assembly line. But then you realize that you also have to watch the machinery to make sure there's enough paint, wood, glue, and fuel to power the toy workshop! (8+)

Santa Simulator

Are you as smart as Santa? Drop your presents into the lighted Christmas houses before you run out of fuel for the sleigh. Remember, timing is everything, and watch out for obstacles! There's also a kid-friendly version with no crashes. (8+)

Donna's Holiday Sentiments

This site offers a musical, animated version of the First Christmas story as well as MIDI music and lyrics to help you brush up your caroling skills. Don't miss the Build a Snowman dress-up activity or the drag and drop tree-decorating! It doesn't matter if you "drop" a virtual ornament! (6+)


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