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I am really a fan of frogs! I hope you like this little guy! You can click in his window to feed him some flies if you like. Notice he also follows your mouse around.

Here are some neat frog websites I have seen:.
National Geographic: Kids Magazine: the Weird World of Frogs
Fascinating (but weird) facts about five of the world's "superfrogs."

Exploratorium: Frogs
I hope you brought a flashlight. That's the only way we're going to be able to track frogs in this swamp tonight. Shine your light over THERE. Oh, it's a carpenter frog. Hear how his call sounds like a person hammering or chopping wood? Hold on, what's THAT? Whew, just a Pine Barrens tree frog. Um, was that your foot I just stepped on? No? I hope it wasn't a bullfrog!

Enchanted Learning Origami Frog
Now that you've seen a few frogs, perhaps you'd like to make one of your own?

DLTK's Frog Crafts
Try these frog-related paper and cloth crafts, then turn on your printer to puzzle over the many worksheets and coloring pages.

Kidzone Frog Activities
Lots of printables including the life cycle of the frog!

Frog Pond Online Coloring
This little animated frog pond changes colors and sounds as you click.

Eco-Kids Frog Habitat
At this Canadian site you can learn frog facts, try frog puzzles and games, and don't miss the frog "Sing-a-long."

Exploratorium Science of Music

Experiment with sound as you interact, play, and most of all listen! Get ready to mix beats, try an online drum circle, and
program dance moves. Awesome site!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

This lively site offers lots of interactivity: hear various instruments of the orchestra, meet some of the musicians, and--if think you know a lot about composers--try "Beethoven's Baseball"!

NASA for Kids

Fun that is out of this world. Well, some of it is Earth-bound. You'll see.

Just For Kids

Take a walk in the woods--the virtual woods, that is. What will you see? There are also interactive sections on insects, worms, plants, trees, weather, where food comes from, and more.

Dragonfly TV

Genetics for kids? You betcha as you try to breed a puppy with specific traits. Other games include coral reef life, space travel, and some awesome science fair project ideas!


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