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Number Square

Try this interactive number square and see if you can make the numbers add up right. Starts easy but gets harder!


These computer and space-related games are so much fun you don't even know you're practicing math!

Count Us In

Here's a site that starts easily enough, with simple counting games. But it quickly gets to harder stuff. Can you tell time? Can you do it with both analog and digital clock faces? Try the "Match Up Time" game. There are also games with volume, fractions, and more.

Colorful multimedia site featuring word problems, math games, and logic puzzles.

This site really adds up. No, really, it has no equal.

Math Dictionary

Super dictionary just for math concepts. Illustrates and provides interactive activities for words like asymmetrical, histogram, and even zero.

Rainforest Maths

Original and fun math games and interactives all with a rainforest theme. The major themes here are numbers, arithmetic, volume, and measurement. A wonderful site with lots of animation and charm!

Elections for Kids

Got questions about the campaigns, the elections, or the candidates? These sites win:

Electing a President for Kids
Simple, to the point. Great starting place. (9+)

Ben's Guide to the U.S Government for Kids
This site offers an uncomplicated general guide to the U.S. government, including the election process, for grades 3 and up. Younger kids may enjoy the online coloring book and the other interactives, which includes connect-the-dots and maze games. (9+)

BrainPOP on Presidential Elections
Tim and Moby explain everything from primary elections to the electoral college system. (10+)

Scholastic's Election 2008
Everything you want to know. And try the election Game

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