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Music Sketch Pad

Here's an odd little game. Click on the pencil, choose an instrument, and draw (up, down, all around) what you want the instrument to play.

Frere Jacques

Click on the kids one at a time to have them sing the song in a round. If you don't get it timed right just click once more to turn off the voice that is out of synch.

Sing Along Songs

Midi tunes and lyrics to favorite kids' songs, patriotic songs, and even a few holiday songs.

Juice Bottle Jingles

Behold a virtual six-bottle xylophone, and a tunebook for your playing (and listening) pleasure. Just follow the notes to tap out such all-time favorites as "Jingle Bells" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Crank it Up

Help D.W. explore beats using your keyboard. Can you find the rooster?

Barney's Music

Try a couple of interactive music games with everyone's favorite purple dinosaur.


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