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Build Your Wild Self

Mix and match various human and animal parts to make a really crazy picture!

Carly's Closet

Make Carly into a princess, a soccer player, and more.

Muffy's Wardrobe

Dress Muffy for a variety of activities!

Cleo's Groovy Grooming Shop

Select fun accessories for Clifford and Mac and see what wild combinations you can make!

Belville Dress-up

I especially loved the glass slippers!

Barbie Dress-up

Select crowns, gems, dresses, and more for several fantasy Barbies, then click to meet her Prince!

Tiny Planet Seasons

OK this isn't strictly a dress-up game, but you do get to complete a scene for each season. When you're done, you'll see the characters come to life!

Create a Fairy

Select your fairy's hair color, ornaments, dress, even wing color. Then give her a name and print! Other parts of the site offer flying games, goblin-zapping, and more.

Dress Caillou

Caillou wants to get dressed up to go outside and play. Can you help?


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