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Poisson Rouge Red Fish

You could even try this site with toddlers--lots of games that just require clicking.


This site is from the UK and some of the language may be different than you're used to. Lots of games for rainy day fun

Playhouse Disney

It's Disney--there's always something new!

Fireman Sam

Sure you will find info on fire safety at this site--but you will also find some very entertaining games. There is something here for all ages.

Tiny Planet Wind Game

In this game, you play the role of the wind. It's your job to blow a boat close to the island to pick up passengers. This game is a little hard to control, but you'll get the idea!

Fisher-Price Preschool Games

Matching, coloring, animal sounds, and my favorite, the bubble lawn mower!

Fun With Spot

Everyone likes to play with Spot, the friendly puppy from the Eric Hill books. Be on the lookout to "spot" matching animals on the farm and count starfish and crabs on the sandy beach. At the party, there are so many presents! Can you find a pattern of three matching objects?

Chateau Meddybemps

On the island of Meddybemps, you can check out some wonderful and imaginative stories, such as "Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies." But that's not the best part. Visit the Learning Games section in Fun and Games. Pat a Prairie Dog, move animals around to experiment with 'in,' 'on,' and 'beside,' and see if you can find the biggest rutabaga on the train. And that's the best part!

Minifig Generator

This neat interactive site uses Lego body parts and JavaScript so you can have fun choosing heads, torsos, and legs to create your own mini-figure. How about a pirate's head on a doctor's lab coat, with skeleton legs? You can make your own selections or let the computer randomly pick its own. Name your creation and print out a copy. Cool, huh?

Hop Pop Town

Preschoolers who love music, march right this way! Click on objects and animals to experiment with noises, sounds, and instruments. Record your own tune and play it back online. This rollicking site is fun and easy to use


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