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Base 10

Against the beat of the bongos, your challenge is to drag the correct number of blocks into the counting square. You can choose to count in ones, tens, or hundreds. If you get it right you'll see a high five (in this case, ten).

ICT Games-- Math

Learn to count by ones, twos, and more. You can also practice simple arithmetic and money counting at this site. There are also games for reading practice.

Count Us In

Can you move six sheep from one paddock to another? Can you start at one numbered lilypad and click the next higher numbered one so the frog can jump to it and move from one side of the pond to another? The games at this site get increasingly harder and into elementary -age range, but have a go anyway!

Rainforest Maths

Count the...skinks! Finish the pattern started by...possums! Measure the...crocodile! What a terrific find!

Magical Numbers

How many teddy bears can you count? Elmo and Zoe can help!


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