The Otto Club

The California State Automobile Association has a terrific site to help very young kids learn about traffic safety. Visit Otto the car and his fun and colorful interactive town. Talk about street smarts—Otto is a real know-it-all!

Construction Equipment

Looking for a field guide to construction equipment? Dig into this one and learn how to distinguish (for example) a mud bulldozer from one that works better in a wood lot. There are QuickTime movies so you can watch them move, too! The picture book includes dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, cranes, front loaders, and lots of other things that dig, move, shovel, and tow.

Sparky the Fire Dog

Learn about fire trucks, safety, and dalmatians! How well will you do on the fire safety games?

Fun with Trains

See the train coming? Do you think it is a short train or a long train? Scroll to the right and see what happens! Now here comes the rutabaga train. Its first car has some pretty big vegetables. But there are some bigger ones coming up. How good are you at rutabagaspotting?

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