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You'll need Java enabled on your browser to get these fun interactive drawing tools to work.

Kendra's Coloring Book

Coloring used to be so hard. There’s that "stay within the lines" thing. Plus, it can be tough to find the right color crayon or marker. When you do find it, it’s always broken or out of ink. If you make a mistake, you might as well start over. Your worries are over at this site. All you have to do is pick a picture, select a color, and click where you want the color to go. No more wondering where you left the "blue." If you do want to print the picture and use real paints, there's a button to choose that option too.

Color Mixing

Click the rainbow to begin, and follow the audio directions to create color-mixing adventures of your own. You will need Shockwave to play the games.


You know that fun drawing screen with the two knobs? If you thought that was hard, wait until you try online Etch-a-Sketch! Look through the gallery and see what other people have created. Some of them have way too much time on their hands. See how well you can do.

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